There are two main types of helmets: industrial and sports helmets. Industrial safety helmets mainly protect the wearer's head against falling objects. Sports helmets protect the wearer against head injury during sport activities. 

  • measurement of mass, determination of the field of vision and of the protected area
  • shock absorption 
  • resistance to the effects of a blow and resistance to penetration 
  • strength and effectiveness of harness
  • resistance to lifting effect
  • measurement of clearances, heights and other distances
  • chin strap anchorages 
  • flame resistance
  • resistance to lateral deformation
  • accompanying documentation (drawings etc.)
  • instructions
  • marking (mandatory data indicated on helmets)
  • breakage of strap, buckle
  • exceeding of max. allowable value in testing of resistance to a blow
  • striker tip comes into contact with headform 
  • ČSN EN 397+A1 Industrial safety helmets
  • ČSN EN 812 Industrial bump caps
  • ČSN EN 1078+A1 Helmets for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates
  • ČSN EN 1080 Impact protection helmets for young children
  • ČSN EN 1385 Helmets for canoeing and white water sports
  • ČSN EN 12492 Mountaineering equipment – Helmets for mountaineers – Safety requirements and test methods
  • ČSN EN 13484 Helmets for users of luges
  • ČSN EN 1077 Helmets for alpine skiers and snowboarders
  • ČSN EN 1384 Helmets for equestrian activities
  • ČSN EN 966 Helmets for airborne sports


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