In their outdoor activities, people come across and use a wide range of gas appliances, in particular the cooking appliances (table cookers and grills), lamps and heaters.

These appliances usually burn gas from gas cartridges or small gas cylinders, which can be connected directly in the appliance enclosure or which can be connected to the appliance by a hose. There are low-pressure appliances, where the pressure of gas from the cartridge (cylinder) is reduced by a gas-pressure regulator, and there are appliances that are connected to gas containers and burn the gas evaporating from these containers directly.

Before placing any gas appliances on the market, the manufacturer has to have them tested by an independent competent testing laboratory to ensure that they comply with the applicable standards. If these tests are successful, the testing laboratory issues a certificate affirming that the appliances passed the tests. To make sure that the manufacturer continues manufacturing the products in exactly the same design and quality as those that were subjected to certification testing, periodic inspections are conducted at the factories in which the products are being made. Each gas appliance should bear the CE marking accompanied by the number of the testing laboratory that conducts the inspections. 


  • compliance with the design requirements given by individual standards
  • soundness of gas circuit 
  • appliance input / gas consumption (has to be in line with the value declared by the manufacturer)
  • emission of combustion products (especially of the dangerous CO)
  • rise in temperature of various parts of the appliance (e.g. to prevent burns caused to persons by hot surfaces)
  • functioning of the appliance safety elements (e.g. flame supervision device)
  • in-operation tests with the use of the so-called limit gases (to simulate, for instance, a situation where a cylinder is filled with a poor-quality gas) 
  • efficiency of the burners fitted in certain types of table cookers etc.
  • instructions for installation, operation and maintenance
  • marking of the product, packaging
  • ČSN EN 484  Specification for dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances - Independent hotplates, including those incorporating a grill for outdoor use
  • ČSN EN 497  Specifications for dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances – Portable vapour pressure liquefied petroleum gas appliances
  • ČSN EN 498  Specification for dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances - Barbecues for outdoor use contact grills included
  • ČSN EN 521  Specification for dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances - Portable vapour pressure liquefied petroleum gas


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