They are essential pieces of outdoor equipment.

They increase the comfort of lying in countryside (they suppress surface roughness) and they insulate against cold and moisture from the ground.

  • Thermal insulation properties

Thermal conductivity is tested with the heating and cooling plate device (it means what thermally insulation mattresses is like). It is possible to test both foam and self-inflating mattresses. Important parameters are the thickness and weight, whose higher values guarantee higher insulation. In practice, it is always a compromise between the weight of the mattress and its insulating abilities ...

  • Determination of length and width
  • Determination of thickness
  • Determination of density
  • Determination of thermal resistance - thermal insulation
  • The manufacturer's documentation and labelling accuracy
  • Fulfilment the individual parameters

Missing information: designation of thermal conductivity, material composition, thickness, dimensions, roll up dimension, weight, maintenance procedures

  • EN 12667 Thermal performance of building materials and products – Determination of thermal resistance by means of guarded hot plate and heat flow meter methods – Products of high and medium thermal resistance
  • EN 822 Thermal insulating products for building applications – Determination of length and width
  • EN 823 Thermal insulating products for building applications – Determination of thickness
  • EN 1602 Thermal insulating products for building applications – Determination of the apparent density

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